Dear Introvert

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November 2015

slow dance.
Image taken from Tumblr. Photography credit unknown.

you’ll set fire to this room,
with a slow dance made for two.
an ocean of faces in the crowd,
but all he sees is you.

you’re in the middle of an alleyway,
the summer rain starts pouring down.
he pulls you close, spins you ’round,
love more colossal than this town.

your favorite tune blares on the radio,
as you Sunday drive through the streets.
he pulls over, cranks the windows down,
just to sweep you off your feet.

it’s a song that plays in the distance,
it’s a song that plays in your mind,
it’s a song written gracefully in tandem,
with an end you hope never to find.


out to sea.


I must leave you here on the shore my love,

it is time, it is time.

Buried my toes in the sand for so long,

to make you mine, make you mine.

We all long for adventure,

don’t you see, don’t you see?

You promised everything awaits beyond the horizon,

drift with me, drift with me.

To never leave high ground,

it is but fear, only fear.

Losing sight of the shore,

it’s what keeps you here, stay right here.

There is wind in my sails love,

I must go, I must go.

Oh, the life that could have been,

you’ll never know, we’ll never know.

You’re becoming so small there my dear,

grain of sand, grain of sand.

I am set free by the salty breeze,

heart in my hand, in my hand.

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