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September 2015

steel trap mouth.


creeping upward from the throat are words
settling slowly, apprehensive in your mouth
they cluster around in masses.. flock of birds
unlike geese, they refuse to fly south
a battle emerges, fight emotions to the death
a mix of love, fear, hope, pain, and pride
the words stalled out, they’re choking on regret
hope, it floats, like seaweed with the tide
these words hold such heavy weight against the cheek
the tongue, holds them hostage, keeps them hanging ’round
if only you opened your mouth, stopped gritting your teeth
words that seem so lost, could finally be found
oh steel trap mouth.. open, just open up
no words should be left for dead
oh steel trap mouth, stop, stop tripping up
too many things left unsaid

the dragon.

fantasy dragon
Image by Anne Stokes
fire – it fills her lungs
scorched from the dragon’s kiss
all the oxygen removed
breathless – never quite like this
claws – daggers that clasp her heart
tear the flesh, squeeze its beat
all the emotions choked out
valves – pump a carnivore’s treat
wings – smothered her in┬ádarkness
the beast used them to fade out of sight
she’s left there charred and lifeless
vultures – surround the bones of white
a story of a dragon and a girl
of fiery breath and a black heart
two wild things in the dark
they knew the end was at the start

the wolf.

paws in the dirt
blood in the snow
frigid, barren wasteland
ribs starting to show
she’s hunting you down
through the silence, the still
baring her teeth
the chase lost its thrill
a wolf in the winter
grows weary and cold
ever fighting the odds
against the bitter, the bold
fur black as the night
haunting guttural howls
eyes pierce the soul
on all fours she prowls

in the dark.

in the dark there is a longing..

some kind of rush,

some kind of need,

some kind of lust.

in the dark there are whispers..

some kind of past,

some kind of future,

some kind of trust.

in the dark there is hope..

some kind of promise,

some kind of start,

some kind of mend.

in the dark there is weakness..

some kind of crash,

some kind of mask,

some kind of play pretend.

in the dark there is fear..

some kind of passion,

some kind of torture,

some kind of grief.

in the dark there is madness..

some kind of monster,

some kind of angel,

some kind of thief.

– – – – –

but in the dark..

oh, in the dark..

you can find the light.

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