“Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning to stop apologizing for my wild.” – Atticus


My name is Stephanie Uhranowsky.

I am a communications and marketing professional, wordsmith, creative soul, lover of books, and 21st century shieldmaiden that often get lost in the woods.


The 9-5

I am the SEO Team Lead at Net Driven, an internet marketing company focused on independent automotive businesses. Like the mysterious Wizard of Oz, only I’m behind a computer screen not a curtain. I work behind the scenes to make websites search-friendly and help to optimize them through unique and quality content.


Fun Facts

I get emotionally attached to fictional characters as if they were real people.

I get so excited to read a new book that I will start it when I already have three other books that aren’t quite finished yet.

I’m a sucker for chick flicks and rom coms.

I am more afraid of living an unfulfilled life than I am of dying.

I will publish a book someday.

I am a die-hard romantic.

When I get super excited about something, my voice gets really loud and I talk with my hands.

I am a lover of history.

I am a Viking at heart.

A good song can get me through the worst of times or make the really good times great. I have a tendency to attach songs to people, places, and memories.

I try to see the beauty in everything.

I refuse to conform.


Paying it Forward

I’m very passionate about certain social causes, the main one being hunger & homelessness. I’m the founder of The NOMAD Project. My mission is to spread awareness on a local level, advocate for change, and with the help of fellow supporters, donate supplies to those in need.


Pursuits of Happiness

GETTING CREATIVE. My educational background is in communications, marketing and public relations with a dash of nonprofit management, a sprinkle of psychology, and even a pinch of criminal justice and history. Strategic marketing and communication planning, brand development, event planning, media relations, and community outreach are the sparks that light a fire in my soul. For me, none of this is work. It’s what I love.

I’ve done volunteer work for Indraloka Animal Sanctuary that included media outreach and relations, creating press releases, event planning, and even dabbling in some promotional design for flyers and coupons. I really enjoy work in the nonprofit sector. [[ P.S. I am NOT a graphic designer]]

WRITING. Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” That’s what most of my creative writing is all about. I keep a journal, I blog, I try my hand at poetry, and I also plan to have a creative nonfiction manuscript in the works in the near future.

I also enjoy writing professionally. From web content to research projects, marketing plans to press releases, I’m having fun whenever writing is involved. It’s the way fresh ink looks on a blank page or the sound of computer keys click-clacking away. It’s heaven. I’m truly alive when I’m writing.

PHOTOGRAPHY. I am completely self-taught. And the journey from where I started to where I am now was an adventure. Hours upon hours were spent adventuring, editing, and developing my personal style. What I found, is I tend to shoot the little things that people might overlook when trying to capture the bigger picture. Check out some Aesthetic Anarchy ©2014.

READING. I buy books like some women buy shoes. Good books have always kept me alive. That old book smell, a new character to fall in love with, a nonfiction story that hits home, a fictional place that transports me out of my life. I also enjoy self help books to inspire and continuing my education through professional works. Words have power – whether they are our own or someone else’s. Words rejuvenate the soul. Want to see what I’ve been reading? Friend me on Goodreads.

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DISCLAIMER: Everything you see expressed on this site comes from my personal views and opinions. They do not reflect those I know on a personal or professional level. These thoughts are my own. If you like what’s written here, follow along with me or leave a comment if it pleases you.

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